Hayashi Mikiko


Bringing the beauty of yusoku, with which Heian princesses played in bygone days, to the modern age

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[Making of original Saga dolls]

“As I have always wanted to make karako, a doll in traditional Chinese costume, I have been preparing the materials in readiness. Photographs of my son have also been very helpful to get the anatomy right. Children up to 10 years old are sacred because they are in between the realms of god and humans. Their existence is truly something to appreciate and be thankful for.”

“This is the initial state of the doll and I build it up or scrape away. Then I apply a gofun whitewash and polish them. “My father (Komao Hayashi, Living National Treasure of Toso Dolls) told me that dolls must stand alone, so I always make them to stand on their own two feet. Even though they are small, in the work process there is no part where I cut corners.” Compared to regular carving knives, her knives are so fine that a camera barely captures them. She regularly uses knives for figurines that she purchased in a plastic-model specialty store.

To give an idea of just how tiny the dolls are, the photograph includes a copy of the magazine “Fudebako.”
The ultra-extra-large size measures an enormous 6 cm, and the small size 3 cm!


Finished dolls. What a cheerful band! To create the costume patterns, the dolls were properly raised with gofun, plated with gold leaf, and colored. Hayashi explained that to depict such fine detail on each face she uses brushes with just one or two long central hairs; they are so delicate that even with just a few faces, they are worn out.

Please definitely visit the exhibition and see her works!


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Mikiko Hayashi exhibition

October 12 ~ 29 . 2018

at Gallery Sakuranoki GINZA

closed on Tuesday & Public holidays