Our Service

Selecting a painting in your home or office

Choosing a work while sitting in your own chair and then seeing it hanging on your wall lets you really feel how a particular painting harmonizes with your décor.

First you let us know what you like, the style and preferred size, the sort of room your painting will grace and anything else you think important, and then we will select 10 or 20 works, bring them to you and hang them for you to choose.

Requesting a made-to-order work

You can request an artist to create a special painting only for you. We offer advice about your request such as style, frame design, and size.

Giving the enjoyment of choosing a painting

We have created a gift that will be truly appreciated by the receiver; it is a Painting Gift Voucher allowing the recipient to select their favorite work. You choose the value of the voucher and they choose the painting.

This service is very popular for celebrating or commemorating special occasions.

Changing the picture frame

Initially each work of art is often framed in an appropriate frame chosen by the artist or gallery, but when the painting is hung in its new home, the frame may not be suitable. It may just not fit into the décor or ambiance of the room, in such a case, please feel free to consult about replacing your picture’s frame.

Or if you want to change a picture mounted on a hanging scroll into a framed picture, or a Japanese-style frame to a Western-style, or if you are concerned about such conditions as sunlight on the painting, or have any concerns about your artwork, please feel free to consult with us about such issues.

Consulting about lighting

Lighting is often neglected and modifying a lighting fixture can transform a room. For example, changing a scattered downlight to a wall washer type luminaire can rejuvenate a room; completely changing the atmosphere. We will meet you on-site to discuss your needs and help you with your ideas.

For more information, please feel free to contact Gallery Sakuranoki Ginza.