2020.1.5 sun

Shinoda Toko

Snapshot of a great, world-class female artist today

While abstract painting opens up myriad endless spaces depending on the person who sees it, calligraphy is different, being enjoye... » for details

2018.6.15 fri

Tanaka Migiwa

I think the fascinating point of suiboku (ink wash) paintings is encouraging the dialog between the strong images in my mind and the spontaneous events arising from the sumi (black ink).

Ⅰ Clouds of Ishigaki Ireland At the moment I paint pictures with sumi and water. Firstly, I would like to talk about why I starte... » for details

2017.4.10 mon

Hiramatsu Reiji

One hundred years on from the Impressionism sparked by wonder at the aesthetics of Edo Japan.

Taking the light the Impressionists battled and bringing it into my own Nihonga, via expression in gold Taking the light the Im... » for details

2015.7.21 tue

Nakanishi Mutsumi

The “feel-good factor” shared by artist and spectator through the painting...

“The things I want to paint, the way I want to paint them.” The unique washing technique created in the process of painting Born... » for details

2013.10.4 fri

Miyamura Hideaki

A Japanese ceramic artist based in Boston, USA  

Because I like doing it. So, it’s just something that can’t be helped even though the success rate is low. I have no control over... » for details

2012.10.13 sat

Mizuno Ryusei

The loving embrace of the earth and the sun

The dawning sky, a sunny smudge. Finally the light brightens the far horizon and life is embraced by the boundless love of two hea... » for details

2012.8.2 thu

Jean Marie Zacchi

Interview in the Paris studio of Jean Marie Zacchi

The painter Jean Marie Zacchi, a holder of the Legion of Honor and the honorary president of the Society of French Artists, is als... » for details

2012.6.7 thu

Hayashi Mikiko

Bringing the beauty of yusoku, with which Heian princesses played in bygone days, to the modern age

Mikiko Hayashi “Zebra Finches” pair of six-fold screens, 102 × 54 cm each   [Iwaseki] (Having seen dolls being made in ... » for details

2012.1.20 fri

Iwata Sohey

An artist capturing the secret essence of flowers

The cut flowers we see in florists are, not surprisingly, very different from those growing in a garden; visiting flowers in a gar... » for details