Gallery Sakuranoki's 30th Anniversary: A Trilogy of New Print Art


A world first release, Frescograph

* Frescograph is a state-of-the-art technique that creates resistance to direct sunlight and claims stabilized preservation of over 200 years; it is an elegant combination of innovative Japanese technologies.

Creating commemorative prints
with Reiji Hiramatsu

When our staff were considering projects to celebrate our 30th anniversary, two key questions soon arose: just what kind of artwork would best commemorate this occasion and leave a legacy? What would be a unique Sakuranoki project we could pass down to the next generations?

We wanted to reflect our pivotal role as a gallery connecting creators and appreciators of art. Thinking in this way, we requested the internationally-acclaimed artist Reiji Hiramatsu, whose work we have featured for over two decades, to produce a series of small prints capturing the beauty of the seasons in Japan.

This is the very first time since our foundation that Gallery Sakuranoki has commissioned and published a series of prints. We wanted to deliver the works to overseas customers who often contact us, and not be limited to only within Japan. With this in mind, we considered printing using traditional wood blocks; however, Reiji Hiramatsu suggested now was a good opportunity to apply Japanese cutting-edge technology! And so we came to release the world’s first Frescograph prints.

Our JAPAN TRILOGY has the following six features:

"Japanese prayer"

"Monet's pond, water lilies"

"Flowers in the moonlight"

Enjoying the changing seasons
Throughout the year there are about six times when people often want to replace or change their home or office decoration. The most popular time to change room furnishings is when welcoming the New Year. For this project, we requested the artist to paint three pictures with seasonal motifs that could be enjoyed over the course of a year.
A legacy to the future
Princesses in the Heian period and people during the era of ukiyo-e prints felt much pleasure appreciating art and never tired of gazing at unframed artworks.
JAPAN TRILOGY is a legacy series for the future, a beautifully boxed set of prints to be handed down to the next generation, just as it is, rather like a precious book. The custom-made washi-paper box includes special film to safely protect your prints.
Selecting a frame
Gallery Sakuranoki has a fine reputation with over 10,000 works individually framed and installed by us. We strongly feel every living space is unique and picture framing requires sensitivity and flexibility. After trying out many combinations and rather unusually for a publisher, we chose not one but three different frames, all of which harmonize with each print. If you select the set of three prints and three frames, you can enjoy many different combinations to suit your mood and the season, or if you have limited space, enjoy one of the works in a season.
The debut of a leading-edge Japanese technology
Everybody knows the techniques of fresco paintings as seen in the murals of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The Frescograph technology reproduces such techniques on paper, and has been patented internationally by a Japanese company.
A mural is painted onto fresh lime plaster; actually, the Japanese islands are blessed with abundant lime, and heated lime is an important raw material to make plaster. Paint pigments are absorbed by the fresh plaster and in reaction to carbon dioxide in the air, they are increasingly fixed over time. This invisible chemical reaction is an important part of fresco paintings, and even today, five centuries after many of these splendid murals were first painted, we are still able to appreciate them. Our JAPAN TRILOGY prints are the modern day descendants of this ancient technique.
Prints resistant to direct sunlight!
This is an unprecedented feature; previously we have recommended porcelain panel paintings or the like for any spot in direct sunlight. This new JAPAN TRILOGY will certainly be perfect for such locations.
JAPAN TRILOGY is a limited edition.
JAPAN TRILOGY is a limited edition of numbered prints published by Gallery Sakuranoki.


  • 年迎え~春 "Japanese prayer"


  • 夏 "Monet's pond, water lilies"


  • 秋 "Flowers in the moonlight"


Framed Prints

  • 額装タイプA Type A


  • 額装タイプB Type B


  • 額装タイプC Type C



Original picturesReiji Hiramatsu
Design"Japanese prayer", "Monet's pond, water lilies", "Flowers in the moonlight"
Limited edition150 prints of each design
Print size26 x 33 cm * The standard framed size: 51.5 x 58 cm
Prices1. JAPAN TRILOGY: Enjoying the seasons(Three prints with one frame)¥429.000
(without tax ¥390.000)
2. JAPAN TRILOGY: Enjoying the seasons(Three prints with three different frames)¥495.000
(without tax ¥450.000)
3. JAPAN TRILOGY: Enjoying the seasons(Three prints with no frame)¥396.000
(without tax ¥360.000)
4. One framed print ¥165.000
(without tax ¥150.000)
5. One unframed print(Sheet)¥132.000
(without tax ¥120.000)
Replacing and storing prints* The set of three prints come with a custom-made washi-paper box.
• When you remove a print from its frame for storage, carefully place it into the provided storage film, and put the film in the washi-paper box in the same way as when purchased.
• To put a print in a frame, set the print and its integrated mount into the inside of the frame, insert the backboard, and then secure with the metal fittings on the perimeter edges.
• For the JAPAN TRILOGY set, we recommend replacing prints according to the season, which not only refreshes your eye but contact with fresh air helps to preserve the quality of your prints for many years.
• As much as possible, keep the washi-paper box in a well-ventilated place.
• When handling prints, always hold the white mount section, and avoid direct contact with the hands as much as possible.
MaintenanceUse a soft brush or cloth to gently wipe away any dust or similar on the surface of a print.
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How to purchase

Please contact us by telephone or email.

You can see the prints at Gallery Sakuranoki Ginza or Karuizawa.

DeliveryFree within Japan. For the Kanto region and its suburbs, our staff will visit for installation.
PaymentBank transfer, credit card.
We offer payment installment plans. Please feel free to ask us for details.
Telephone+81-3-3573-3313 11:00-19:00 (Closed on Tuesday and Japanese national holidays)
平松 礼二

Hiramatsu Reiji

平松 礼二

Hiramatsu is the adventurer of beauty who plays an active role in and out Japan. He depicts Japanese beauty in the exotic way.

In the beginning, he started the series of paintings called `michi(road)' that capture the unspoilt scenery of Japanese people. And then, he cut into `the journey of impressionist Japonism'. It is that the contemporary Japanese artist re-paint the pieces of impressionist art which was inspired by the Japanese painting in Edo Period. Now he reached the quintessence of Japanese beauty.

Hiramatsu had been painting the covers of `Bungeishunjyu' (one of the Japan's most renowned magazines) for 11years from January of 2000.

In 2013, his exhibition will be held at the Impressionism Museum in Giverny in France with all the masters of that style.


Hiramatsu Reiji  Interview  2017 February

Hiramatsu Reiji's art studio 2020 September (Japanese)