「Flowers」油彩 SM「PARIS」油彩 30号「フローレンス」油彩 90.9×116.7㎝「St.Honorat(Cannes)」油彩 30×60㎝「The Statue of Liberty」油彩 10号「St.Tropez」油彩 4号スクエア



Yoshioka Koji


Yoshioka was born in Osaka 1943.He is the full member of salon d'automne and was awarded Salon Artist Francais.

He had lived in Paris and been fascinated by characteristic colors of Aegean sea. He quested the depth of colors with dynamic touch. Yoshioka's painting is something you should experience with full senses.


Selected Biography

1943│Born in Osaka, Japan.

1962│Graduated Technical Art High School of Osaka City.

1967│Enrolled in École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

1968│Submitted and won Copper Prize in the exhibition of Salon de Societe at Grand palais.

1975│Became an official member of the Salon d’Automne .

1981│Returned to Japan from France after 14 years of stay.

1997-│ Solo Exhibition at Bunkamura Gallery (Tokyo) on a regular basis.

2006-2007|participated in the Shanghai Art Fair.

2007│ Solo Exhibition at Shunten Gallery (Shanghai).

Solo Exhibition at Gallery Sakuranoki (Tokyo) on a regular basis.

2011│ Participated in Charity Exhibition (Kōchi/Takamatsu) and presented Koji Yoshioka Print Exhibition.

2013│ Solo Exhibition at Soochow University (Taipei).

2016│ Solo Exhibition at Gallery Etiad (Abudabi).


Public Collections

Residence of Prince Takamatsu, Panasonic, Santen, Sunstar, Sony Music Entertainment(Japan), Sugiyama Museum and so on.


Yoshioka Koji's art studio 2020 September (Japanese)