「ラ・セーヌ La Seine」油彩45×90cm「LA SEINE」油彩4F「Paris エッフェル塔」油彩10号「凱旋門 Arc de Triomphe -Louvre-」油彩20F「カンヌ Canne」油彩30F「Flowers」油彩10F「パリ Paris -モノクローム-」オイルオンペーパー 15号サイズ「Paris」油彩50F「Paris」油彩30号



Yoshioka Koji

Yoshioka was born in Osaka 1943.He is the full member of salon d'automne and was awarded Salon Artist Francais.

He had lived in Paris and been fascinated by characteristic colors of Aegean sea. He quested the depth of colors with dynamic touch. Yoshioka's painting is something you should experience with full senses.